Tuscany is quite hilly, but has a long coastline that faces the Tyrrhenian Sea, one of the top seas for cleanliness and clarity of the water, or you may find relief in the mountains of the Apennines. In Tuscany you will be certainly not indifferent to the unique taste of the local cuisine, to the traditional unchanged recipes, to the oil and wine famous all over the world. Especially in the south of Tuscany, where are located the resorts we represent, the landscape is so rural that it almost seems to live a medieval vacation. The low population density, traffic reduced, making this area, mainly hilly, suitable for hiking or biking. But in Tuscany is really possible to do everything. Our accomodations are within 1 hour driving from the main centers. Do you want the quiet countryside, the cool of the mountains, going to the beach, visiting Siena or Florence, shopping in the Malls or Outlets? Everything is at your fingertips. Scrolling down the page you find the most important and characteristic medieval towns of Southern Tuscany, particularly famous all over the world and fortunately very close in distance to the villas on this website. We cannot list them all, because your holiday will be so short that you have not the time to visit, but we are pleased plotting an itinerary helps you to appreciate this beautiful land of Italy. Take that only as aid we want to give you like Tuscans. You can always organize your stay by themselves, without any danger or unpleasant surprises. The Tuscans are hospitable people and they will be courteous to provide you any information or help wherever you will.

Most of our villas are located in the Val di Chiana (red circle on the map) which is very close to the main tourist centers of Tuscany. To have an idea, we are just 100 Km from Florence, Siena is 40 km far and the Tyrrhenian Sea about 120 km.
Although the Climate of Tuscany is not very cold, it is recommended that you book your holiday in the april- october time. In winter, in fact, we could also have a lot of snow and also if snow has its charm, it might be difficult to move and could force you to spend most of your time close to your villa's area.

For further informations, we invite you reading the Tuscany from wikipedia and in particular the Val di Chiana, Val d'Orcia and Chianti Hills, where you will spend your holidays. We are always at your disposal to help you have a beautiful experience.


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